Game server: Beta Mode
Login Server: Online
30 Mar 2023
Dear players here is the quick link to connect our server!

Start date Is not planned for the moment. (UTC Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London)

Welcome to Saga of the Game Liberty L2SGL
PvP Server based on Lineage 2 High Five Client
Server is Based on PvP with Good Custom Class and Farm Balance
All classes are custom balanced to be equal to the another as the retail anticlass system remains
Server is easy,but you have to farm for a while before jump in to the PvP.
Please read the full information at Features before start play!
Account registration Register you can do automaticly in game

23 Mar 2023
Primarily, SGL Server is unique, it is not just High Five server, it's Server developed to give player much fun as possible it include gameplay for solo players and party or clan.

Another reason to play at our server - comfortable game atmosphere, some farm, allot PvP!

Join our Lineage world to feel the satisfaction of discovering somethink new while playing somethink nostalgic and familiar at the same time.
It's not just a game it's an infection!

Official Website of L2SGL